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Action workshops

Is your team tackling the right problem? Develop the skills and tools to reframe and then dive in to your teams' challenges with these half day hands-on learning workshops.

We work with you to choose the correct focus and then use a combination of street stories and practical excercises to jump start you into the process. You will learn tools and models that can be applied to your work life while also directly framing and tackling the problems as a team during the workshop.

Action Workshops use our experience and stories from 15 years on the street combined with business experience and academic research to provide you with tangible takeaways from the Street Skills & Street Techniques that are applicable to your business.

Street Skills

  • Positive Focus Workshop

    Positive Focus is the ability to experience positive emotions, combined with a deeper feeling of meaning and purpose in a current reality. On the streets and in business, this is the difference between those who survive and those who don't.

  • Agility & Resilience Workshop

    Agility is the skill to take fast and effective action. Resilience is the ability to anticipate and recover from failure and difficulties.

  • Proactive Creativity Workshop

    Proactive creativity is about the ability to break patterns. Learn how to unlearn and redefine the balance between expertise and creativity.

  • Cooperative Competition Workshop

    A good idea never becomes a success just because it’s a good idea. Cooperative competition is the ability to see when cooperation or competition is needed in order to achieve collective or individual success.


  • Pitching Workshop

    People will tell you that a good idea will sell itself. However, history is littered with examples of good ideas going down the drain because they didn’t sell.

  • Storytelling Workshop

    You need your message to be heard, storytelling is the most convincing way to get it across.

  • Leading Change Workshop

    Go hands on with the three factors critical to leading change.


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