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StreetwiZe takes its experience on the streets and in business to offer keynotes that will inspire and motivate. Develop together with us a Leadership, Change or Talent Development program with our Action Workshops and coaching, that fits you and your company's needs; kick it all off with an inspirational keynote that gets everyone motivated, inspired and ready to act. Keynotes are 90 minutes and given by StreetwiZe Partners.

  • From Purpose to Impact

    What could happen with our people and organisations if allow purpose to drive engagement?Keynote by Bart Van Bambost

  • Leading Change

    A stunning 80% of well-intentioned change efforts have disappeared after one year. Is your project one of those 80%?Keynote by Bram Doolaege

  • StreetwiZe People

    Let the story of Mobile School-StreetwiZe inspire you with tales from streets, the importance of the Street Skills and how you can make an impact.Keynote by Arnoud Raskin

  • The future of business: Shared Value

    How we do business is changing. Employees and customers are asking more of companies than financial value. Are you ready?Keynote by Arnoud Raskin


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