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Street program

A unique change management program based on a purpose driven authentic learning experience


The Street Program is a 2 day purpose driven learning experience for junior and middle managers on coping more effectively with Change.

You’ve hired the best, they have the skills and knowledge you need, but can they cope with the speed of today’s ever changing business environment?

Connecting with kids through a Mobile School on the streets of Brussels will be used as the purpose driven experience to re-frame and strengthen your capabilities in coping with change.

Program Outline

  • Pre-Work: Each participant is asked to identify a situation at work in which they are challenged, this will be their personal case for the program.
  • Day 1: Hit the streets to meet with Game Changers in Brussels and find inspiration in unexpected places. Experience the importance of your ‘reason to act’ and ‘action focus.’
  • Day 2: Apply what you’ve seen on the streets to your personal case and to developing an activity for kids at the Klein Kasteeltje/Petite Chateau asylum center.

The following skills are developed throughout the program: Situational awareness, connecting with stakeholders, peer coaching

This product is designed for junior and middle management with a working knowledge of English.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Street program


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